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My creative language is channeled through painting, sculpting, photography, and printmaking.  My work is personal, ranging from classic drawings to timely conceptual themes, such as the Holocaust, verbal abuse, global climate change, obesity, and sexuality. Playful, personal, or political, the work touches upon themes of life, death, love, peace, and war.


Sometimes in the foreground, sometimes in the background, our experiences of color can influence us in subtle and overt ways. A blast of hyper-active orange can provide a jolt of energy or scintillating overload. Black can be chic or morbid. Colors do not sing in isolation; they resonate in a chorus and court illusions, shifting in relation with neighboring hues.


I strive to provide artistic quality beyond aesthetics, into the realm of contemplation.  At my ultimate imaginative depth, my eyes and mind excite one another to achieve complete creative fulfillment.  It is essential to uplift my soul, delight my eye, awaken my ear, and speak to my heart, creating an enriching environment every day.

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